Saturday, 12 February 2011

Watch Supernatural Online and Get to Know the Greatest Supernatural Villains

Supernatural since its pilot episode has earned raves among thriller and horror fans because of their unique story lines and great special effect. With good-looking actors and actresses, and great acting, they have justified their acting even if you watch supernatural online. The main characters however would not be appreciated if they didn’t have great villains to battle. Let’s take a look at some of the villains in Supernatural TV series.

Supernatural Villains

Here are some of the Supernatural villains that have helped made the show a success.

1.       Yellow Eyed Demon – popular among fans who watch supernatural online. He was the main villain in Season 1 and 2 and is know by his distinctive yellow eyes. He was on spree in making babies so he’ll have an army of half-demons for the future. Generally known among who watch Supernatural online as Sam’s biological father.

2.       Lilith – one of the most feared villain in supernatural world. She likes to possess cute little girls. According to some who watch Supernatural online, in terms of cunningness, patience and wit, Lilith can go at par with the Yellow Eyed Demon. She can kill any human at will using telepathic powers.

3.       Ruby – one of the most hated villains among those who watch supernatural online. Although at first she looks like giving help to Sam, not all were sold-out by the idea of a demon teaching Sam how to kill a demon. Began as a minor character but became a major villain during the Lilith storyline.

4.       Zachariah – when most who watch supernatural online thought that all angels are good, then they are mistaken. Zachariah is a sure kick-ass angel that has no other plan than to save him. Yet Sam killed him anyway because of his treachery.

5.       Lucifer – if you watch supernatural online surely won’t miss the ultimate villain. He’s a little fat at first then finally became comfortable with his evil vessel. He is powerful than any of the other villains combined. He’s brutal, and won’t hesitate to kill you if you piss him off.

6.       Meg – not that powerful according to those who watch supernatural online, but possess an intelligence that is not that common among demons. She plans well and responsible for killing many hunters but got outwitted by the Winchester brothers who resulted to her untimely death.

7.       Alastair – one of the hardest demons to kill but if you watch supernatural online, you’ll know that he was not what he was. He’s even worse. He is not afraid to sacrifice other demons so he’ll be saved. He’s one of the most feared because he does everything just to get his plan including to make all who watch Supernatural online become monsters themselves.

There are still many villains in the supernatural show that are worth mentioning in this list. They are most capable and also possess their own skill and powers. Catch them on television or you can watch Supernatural online and the show surely won’t run out of the best villains in the supernatural universe.

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