Thursday, 3 February 2011

Top Questions that Should Make You Watch “How I Met Your Mother” Online

The phenomenal “How I Met Your Mother” sitcom definitely drew out a new view to regular sitcoms that get aired every now and then. It takes so much more than pure creativity and fun to come up with such a show as this and this is what makes it very engrossing to watch very single episode of the show whether it be on your TV or if you choose to watch How I Met Your Mother online.

The plot of the show is definitely not an ordinary one. Aside from the fun and the humor each of the characters bring you, there is always something more to the show that makes it addictive. And that is the fact that the sitcom takes you into the search to discover who the “mother” is. So discover who he mother and watch How I Met Your Mother online.

Aside of course from the fun theory formation and mother-search, the characters portrayed in the sitcom gives you more reason to watch How I Met Your Mother online or to catch up with each episode on your TV.
To name the consistent chuckle-igniting few that completes your list of reasons to watch How I met Your Mother online for, here is a list of the HIMYM cast:

Ted. The sitcom’s main character as portrayed by Josh Rador. The sitcom then started with him and his kids on a couch telling his kids the story of how he met their mother. As he began to tell his story, this is where the sitcoms starts engrossing its viewers to watch more. And this is exactly where the rationale of making it a point to watch How I Met Your Mother online starts to take its shape.   

Barney. The serial womanizer Barney Stinson is among the reasons why you should catch up on the episodes and try to watch How I Met Your Mother online. While his best friend Ted, is all after having his own happy family, Barney is up with his schemes to get to women and forget about them when he is done.

Robin. The reporter Robin Scherbatsky may have you thinking that she is the kids’ mother and that thrill that made you watch How I Met Your Mother online is all over. Apparently, she is not. Aunt Robin actually dated Barney on the 5th season, which appalled Ted back then. There is so much more to know about Robin than being in between best friends Ted and Barney that you should watch How I Met Your Mother online.

Marshall and Lily. This fun couple has got their own story to tell to and that adds up to your reason to watch How I Met Your Mother online. They have got their own struggles and humors in between too.  They maybe sweethearts but of course, petty quarrels add up to the whole story package. 

These main people mean more than building your HIMYM mother-finding theory. They will take you to a wild comedy that will surely make you watch How I Met Your Mother online

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