Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Most Popular TV Shows of Today- Your Reasons to Watch TV Shows Online

Television shows have become a major form of entertainment today and has been comparable with movies and music industry. The main reason why television shows have become popular is that it can be seen in television and if you can’t, you can watch TV shows online. There are so many televisions shows to choose from and often people can’t decide what show to watch. Here’s a list of some of these popular shows.

1.       American Idol – a big part of the audience to this show watch TV shows online. This show is a talent search that features auditions, series of eliminations, until the greatest singer of the batch becomes the American Idol for that season. The unique format connects well with the audience who watch TV shows online as well as on TV making it one of the most watch shows on TV.

2.       The Bachelor – is another popular show among those who watch TV shows online. The premise of this show is this: a single guy gets to know a number of single ladies as well in the hope of finding true love. He eliminates the ladies until only one is left which is his now his true love.

3.       Glee – a big hit to people who watch TV shows online. This follows the story of a group of high school students all trying to cope up with typical teen issues such as peer pressure, unwanted pregnancy and cliques. What makes this unique which made it more appealing among those who watch TV shows online, is that each episode has singing numbers which is something not very common in shows today.
4.       Grey’s Anatomy – follows the life of Dr. Grey and her co-doctors as they struggle and deal with personal issues, dealing with the pressure of work and matters of the heart as they perform as interns in a hospital. Another popular show if you watch TV shows online, you’ll surely be touched with their struggles and how they dealt with it.

5.       Supernatural – a show from TNT for those who watch TV shows online, this follows the life of Sam and Dean Winchester, as they hunt for demons, monsters, and even angels as they try to save humanity from evil. If you like to watch TV shows online, you’ll be sure of liking this one because it is fast-paced and a mix of action and adventure.

6.       House – another medical-related show for those who watch TV shows online, Dr. House is a controversial doctor whose methods to solve the treatment of many rare diseases draw ire from the medical community. He saves lives and correctly diagnose but his methods is revolutionary for the medical field, which is not accepted sometimes.

7.       Prison Break – popular if you watch TV shows online, tells the life Michael Scofield as he smartly comes up of a plan to break his brother from Fox River Penitentiary after his brother was framed of a murder.

There are so many popular shows that you can select. These shows have unique storylines or have unique format that makes it appealing not only for those who watch TV but also for those who watch TV shows online.

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