Friday, 11 March 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow Sings Cee Lo's FU on Glee: Watch Glee Online

To watch Glee online is a more than a thing to do during a vacant time. To watch Glee online is a vice. Glee is one of the best shows on TV in today’s generation, that’s a solid fact. The top rating show’s best episode so far, in my opinion would be “The Substitute” where Gwyneth Paltrow had been a guest. Now if you were not lucky to see that episode, there is no reason to fret.

To admit, I was not even a “Gleek” a year ago and I totally have no interest in watching it. That is despite of all the talk I’ve heard about it from my friends, from Twitter, Facebook and from all those sharing sites. But that was until I learned that Gwyneth Paltrow was going to sing in the 7th episode of the second season of the series. I had to catch up and be able even just to watch Glee online.

In the episode, Gwyneth was substitute teacher Holly Holiday. She took over Mr. Schuester’s English class as he can’t come because of flu. While on the class Miss Holiday showcased her singing talent and was seen by Kurt. Kurt then was so over Rachel’s bossiness on Glee club that he asked for Miss Holiday to take over Mr. Schuester on Glee club as well. You should be engrossed to watch Glee online by now, well you should.
Well, I thought she would be taking Schuester’s role in Glee Club and in his other classes but there was this time when the newly promoted principal Sue Sylvester was chilling out with Holiday, and then later on in the episode she finally fired him to be replaced by Holly. When you watch Glee online, you can almost say that it was a well-
known fact that Sue isn’t very fond of Will and his Glee club.

When you watch Glee online, you can surely tell that Holiday is an awesome teacher. She even said something about an all-wild and pure fun field trip to Tacos in exchange for another boring classroom day.

Later it was revealed that Holly doesn’t know how to manage pressure from authority, that she is not really that good in teaching responsibility, and that she can’t actually protect her students. The revelation of that twist is really worth the time to watch Glee online for.

Gwenyth is really cool. You should watch Glee online and see how she rocked when she sang Cee Lo Green’s song, Forget You (the lyrics and the title were tweaked a bit). A lot of viewers, Gleek or non-Gleek alike have said that the Glee version of the song was even better than Cee Lo’s original. Actually I saw the Glee version first before Cee Lo’s so I have no idea there was even a swear word used in the song. It was an amazing rendition. You should watch Glee online to see for yourself.

So again, if you haven’t watched this episode yet, then make sure you watch Glee online and surely you will be hooked. 

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