Sunday, 20 February 2011

Watch South Park Online and Get to Know the South Park Characters

South Park is a satirical animated sitcom created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker for the Comedy Central television. You can watch South Park online or on television. Even though the major characters features kids, most of the topics covered on the show are serious, political and occasionally obscene and brutal. If you watch South Park online, you will see these featured South Park characters.

Characters of South Park show

  1. Eric Cartman - fictional South Park characters that is featured in television and as you watch South Park online. He usually fond of bad mouthing other characters in the show and described as overweight, narcissicistic and usually thinks of only himself when in critical condition. Other people who watch South Park online think of Eric as an anti-hero in the series.
  2. Stan Marsh – unlike Eric Cartman, Stan is described as kind hearted and can relate to other people well because he treats them in a nice way. If you watch South Park online, you usually see him discuss on political topics like an adult and is close personally to another protagonist in the show, Kyle.
  3. Kyle Broflovski – is a close friend of Stan and usually shares leadership with him. He is the only Jewish character among the main characters as you watch South Park online. Although he is close with the other main characters he occasionally feels that he doesn’t belong to the group.
  4. Kenny McKormick – is the oft-muffled and often seen wearing and orange parka as you watch South Park online. He is famous usually because he is deliberately or accidently in most South Park episodes, but often seen alive again on the next episode. He is usually bullied because of his characteristics.
  5. Bebe Stevens – as you watch South Park online, you’ll know her because of her blonde hair and usually wears a red out. She is usually seen keeping company with other girls in their class and really wanted other people to like her because of her wits rather than her physical appearance.
  6.  Wendy Testaburger – most people who watch South Park online don’t like Wendy because she is seeking always attention from other people. She is known as the jealous yet intelligent girlfriend of Stan and often seen to discuss serious issues that it is too mature for her age.
  7. Butters Stotch – he is usually with the four main characters as you watch South Park online. He was just a supporting character up until he became a sidekick of Cartmen, who really compliment each other because of their talent and antics.
  8. Tweak Tweak – is the boys’ funny witty and charming individual who is hyperactive due to his excessive coffee intake. He draws ire from other characters because of his hyperactive persona and colorful life as people watch South Park online.
  9. Token Black – is the richest classmate and the only black kid in the series. He is often extorted for money special by most of the kids especially if you watch South Park online.

There are still many characters in South Park that you need to know. You can get to know them more as you watch on TV as well as when you watch South Park online.

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