Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Most Popular TV Shows of Today- Your Reasons to Watch TV Shows Online

Television shows have become a major form of entertainment today and has been comparable with movies and music industry. The main reason why television shows have become popular is that it can be seen in television and if you can’t, you can watch TV shows online. There are so many televisions shows to choose from and often people can’t decide what show to watch. Here’s a list of some of these popular shows.

1.       American Idol – a big part of the audience to this show watch TV shows online. This show is a talent search that features auditions, series of eliminations, until the greatest singer of the batch becomes the American Idol for that season. The unique format connects well with the audience who watch TV shows online as well as on TV making it one of the most watch shows on TV.

2.       The Bachelor – is another popular show among those who watch TV shows online. The premise of this show is this: a single guy gets to know a number of single ladies as well in the hope of finding true love. He eliminates the ladies until only one is left which is his now his true love.

3.       Glee – a big hit to people who watch TV shows online. This follows the story of a group of high school students all trying to cope up with typical teen issues such as peer pressure, unwanted pregnancy and cliques. What makes this unique which made it more appealing among those who watch TV shows online, is that each episode has singing numbers which is something not very common in shows today.
4.       Grey’s Anatomy – follows the life of Dr. Grey and her co-doctors as they struggle and deal with personal issues, dealing with the pressure of work and matters of the heart as they perform as interns in a hospital. Another popular show if you watch TV shows online, you’ll surely be touched with their struggles and how they dealt with it.

5.       Supernatural – a show from TNT for those who watch TV shows online, this follows the life of Sam and Dean Winchester, as they hunt for demons, monsters, and even angels as they try to save humanity from evil. If you like to watch TV shows online, you’ll be sure of liking this one because it is fast-paced and a mix of action and adventure.

6.       House – another medical-related show for those who watch TV shows online, Dr. House is a controversial doctor whose methods to solve the treatment of many rare diseases draw ire from the medical community. He saves lives and correctly diagnose but his methods is revolutionary for the medical field, which is not accepted sometimes.

7.       Prison Break – popular if you watch TV shows online, tells the life Michael Scofield as he smartly comes up of a plan to break his brother from Fox River Penitentiary after his brother was framed of a murder.

There are so many popular shows that you can select. These shows have unique storylines or have unique format that makes it appealing not only for those who watch TV but also for those who watch TV shows online.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow Sings Cee Lo's FU on Glee: Watch Glee Online

To watch Glee online is a more than a thing to do during a vacant time. To watch Glee online is a vice. Glee is one of the best shows on TV in today’s generation, that’s a solid fact. The top rating show’s best episode so far, in my opinion would be “The Substitute” where Gwyneth Paltrow had been a guest. Now if you were not lucky to see that episode, there is no reason to fret.

To admit, I was not even a “Gleek” a year ago and I totally have no interest in watching it. That is despite of all the talk I’ve heard about it from my friends, from Twitter, Facebook and from all those sharing sites. But that was until I learned that Gwyneth Paltrow was going to sing in the 7th episode of the second season of the series. I had to catch up and be able even just to watch Glee online.

In the episode, Gwyneth was substitute teacher Holly Holiday. She took over Mr. Schuester’s English class as he can’t come because of flu. While on the class Miss Holiday showcased her singing talent and was seen by Kurt. Kurt then was so over Rachel’s bossiness on Glee club that he asked for Miss Holiday to take over Mr. Schuester on Glee club as well. You should be engrossed to watch Glee online by now, well you should.
Well, I thought she would be taking Schuester’s role in Glee Club and in his other classes but there was this time when the newly promoted principal Sue Sylvester was chilling out with Holiday, and then later on in the episode she finally fired him to be replaced by Holly. When you watch Glee online, you can almost say that it was a well-
known fact that Sue isn’t very fond of Will and his Glee club.

When you watch Glee online, you can surely tell that Holiday is an awesome teacher. She even said something about an all-wild and pure fun field trip to Tacos in exchange for another boring classroom day.

Later it was revealed that Holly doesn’t know how to manage pressure from authority, that she is not really that good in teaching responsibility, and that she can’t actually protect her students. The revelation of that twist is really worth the time to watch Glee online for.

Gwenyth is really cool. You should watch Glee online and see how she rocked when she sang Cee Lo Green’s song, Forget You (the lyrics and the title were tweaked a bit). A lot of viewers, Gleek or non-Gleek alike have said that the Glee version of the song was even better than Cee Lo’s original. Actually I saw the Glee version first before Cee Lo’s so I have no idea there was even a swear word used in the song. It was an amazing rendition. You should watch Glee online to see for yourself.

So again, if you haven’t watched this episode yet, then make sure you watch Glee online and surely you will be hooked. 

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Top Reasons to Watch Vampire Diaries Online

Are you among the countless people who are hooked to a television series, say Vampire Diaries? Following these well crafted series can be very addicting that to miss a few episodes (even just a few parts of an episode) could be such a prick. Waiting for the network to air back previous episodes would seem like a good idea, but certainly not a very consoling one. Who knows when will that actually happen, if it really will happen? It’s quite a bummer, right? Not really you can catch these series online and you can actually watch Vampire Diaries online!

In this age of advance information technology, you can now access television episodes that you missed, or episodes that you just want to watch all over again, in just a few mouse clicks.  Amazing, isn’t it? This is just one of the wonders of our so-called worldwide web or the internet. TV episodes are now cataloged in several online archives which entitles you for a more expedient and easy viewing. You can now watch Vampire Diaries online, or any of your favorite television series without having to sacrifice important events or activities.

Some sites require a one-time registration fee; others employ monthly subscription; and some others provide access totally free. Even television networks are now offering their TV contents on the internet, the reason for which is that more and more people are now going online. So now, you can watch Vampire Diaries online at your chosen time.

Did you notice that Vampire Diaries has been mentioned a couple of times in the preceding paragraphs? Not that this writer has some sort of affinity to vampires, but merely because the series deserves a good following. For one, it is a well-crafted series with a solid storyline, good acting, intriguing twists, and great effects.  Watch Vampire Diaries online and you’ll have understand why it is deserving of accolades. As a matter of fact, the show has won an award for Favorite New TV Drama during the 2010 People's Choice Awards and received a total of 7 awards in the 2010 Teens Choice Wards. These are some of the reasons why you should watch Vampires Diaries online.

The Vampire Diaries is a story about two vampire siblings in loved with the same beautiful girl and how they battle to control the destiny of an entire town. Watch Vampire Diaries online and see how this intriguing love story transpired.

As of this writing, the series is airing its Season 2. You might want to watch Vampire Diaries Season I online if you want to better enjoy its subsequent season. This way, you can follow the plot well and you can better understand the series, enjoy the story as it continues to build up. As for Season II, you can expect new and unforeseen friendships, allies becoming enemies, and hearts that will be broken. Watch Vampire Diaries online and see how these things unfold.

So, missing one or more episodes, or being caught in the middle of the season, or simply enjoying previously watched episodes are not so prickly after all.  You now have the internet to tickle and satisfy your fancy. If the show is your cup of tea, watch Vampires Diaries online now.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Reasons to Watch True Blood Online

You do watch True Blood do you? But there can be times when you can’t make it to an episode. But of course, you can always watch True Blood online!

Since the airing of its first season in 2008, the drama series had all been able to grip is viewers with the charm of its plot’s genius. Certainly, series creator and producer Alan Ball made a good justice to his TV remake of Charlaine Harris’ novel. But the drama does not stop at that and making it a point to watch True Blood online is so much more than the novel to TV twists.

The TV series plot revolves around the romance of the telepathic chic Sookie and the vampire Bill. While you can consider the ability of Sookie to read minds as a sleek and cool one, that same ability is the reason why she cannot always make it to long lasting human relationships. And then knowing that vampire minds cannot be all that easy to read, she made knew it has got to be with a vampire. Watch True Blood Online and know that their romance is so much more than your usual love story. Of course, if you do want to catch up with their hell-of-a-kind romance, do watch True Blood online when the TV can’t be made available to you.

There is more to watch True Blood online than for a dose of Bill and Sookie’s romance. Of course, aside from a great setting and plot, when you talk about TV series of this genre, you can expect lots of jaw dropping scenes and twists. This is especially true as there are more creatures that make up the story than telepaths and vampires.

Watch True Blood online and know about other creatures walk and lurk the streets of Bon Temps. Shapeshifters, werewolves, meneads, and fairies are but some. But be mindful that the suspense of the series goes beyond what you can have from just some other fantasy trips and these creatures mean you more reason to watch True Blood online.

Of course, Harris has got her own genius in creating her Southern Vampire Mysteries series, but as combined to the concept of Ball, new characters had been birthed out of her playful minds creation.  To see these geniuses unfold and take shape from the novels to each episode in the series calls for you to watch True Blood online.

While Charlaine Harris’ novels had been rebirth in to TV, its touch of mystic and darkness had been done for by Ball’s great choice of actors to portray each character. Even so, the unexpected array of non-American actors to portray the native Louisiana personas in Harris’ series breathes more life and character into the drama series. But if you can’t make it to TV for these characters to unfold, you can always watch True Blood online.

There is definitely no reason to be left behind. You can always watch True Blood online. Even, when you watch True Blood Online, you can absolutely have everything move at your viewing phase.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Watch South Park Online and Get to Know the South Park Characters

South Park is a satirical animated sitcom created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker for the Comedy Central television. You can watch South Park online or on television. Even though the major characters features kids, most of the topics covered on the show are serious, political and occasionally obscene and brutal. If you watch South Park online, you will see these featured South Park characters.

Characters of South Park show

  1. Eric Cartman - fictional South Park characters that is featured in television and as you watch South Park online. He usually fond of bad mouthing other characters in the show and described as overweight, narcissicistic and usually thinks of only himself when in critical condition. Other people who watch South Park online think of Eric as an anti-hero in the series.
  2. Stan Marsh – unlike Eric Cartman, Stan is described as kind hearted and can relate to other people well because he treats them in a nice way. If you watch South Park online, you usually see him discuss on political topics like an adult and is close personally to another protagonist in the show, Kyle.
  3. Kyle Broflovski – is a close friend of Stan and usually shares leadership with him. He is the only Jewish character among the main characters as you watch South Park online. Although he is close with the other main characters he occasionally feels that he doesn’t belong to the group.
  4. Kenny McKormick – is the oft-muffled and often seen wearing and orange parka as you watch South Park online. He is famous usually because he is deliberately or accidently in most South Park episodes, but often seen alive again on the next episode. He is usually bullied because of his characteristics.
  5. Bebe Stevens – as you watch South Park online, you’ll know her because of her blonde hair and usually wears a red out. She is usually seen keeping company with other girls in their class and really wanted other people to like her because of her wits rather than her physical appearance.
  6.  Wendy Testaburger – most people who watch South Park online don’t like Wendy because she is seeking always attention from other people. She is known as the jealous yet intelligent girlfriend of Stan and often seen to discuss serious issues that it is too mature for her age.
  7. Butters Stotch – he is usually with the four main characters as you watch South Park online. He was just a supporting character up until he became a sidekick of Cartmen, who really compliment each other because of their talent and antics.
  8. Tweak Tweak – is the boys’ funny witty and charming individual who is hyperactive due to his excessive coffee intake. He draws ire from other characters because of his hyperactive persona and colorful life as people watch South Park online.
  9. Token Black – is the richest classmate and the only black kid in the series. He is often extorted for money special by most of the kids especially if you watch South Park online.

There are still many characters in South Park that you need to know. You can get to know them more as you watch on TV as well as when you watch South Park online.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Pretty Liars - Watch Pretty Little Liars Online

There is a new drama suspense television series in town. Watch Pretty Little Liars online and feel the thrill that only works of this caliber can offer. Watch the characters of Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields as they go through the bittersweet life of adolescence.

These four girls' lives are turned upside down when their acknowledged leader, Alison DiLaurentis suddenly disappears. Their group suddenly breaks up and they go to their individual lives. After about a year from Alison's disappearance, they each received messages by text or note from a sinister figure who signs the note “A” and threatens to tell their deepest secrets. To what extent are they willing to go to hide their secrets once and for all? Watch Pretty Little Liars online to see how these secrets unravel.

Witness Aria's illicit relationship with her new good-looking English teacher and know how Spencer delved into her sister's domain... or Emily's secret sexual orientation and her feelings for her friend, Maya. Watch Pretty Little Liars online to be the first to know how the secret unfolds.

Watch Pretty Little Liars online and follow the girls as they try to find out the real identity of “A”. Feel their frustrations as they hurdle one block upon another. As their past hounds them anew when a former victim of their practical joke surfaces together with the fall guy for their antics- who is, incidentally, their victim's step brother.

 Watch Pretty Little Liars online and feel the danger creeping as “A” continues to stalk the girls and coercing them to do what he wants them to do. As episodes develop, the girls go on with their lives even if they see clues and hints that their stalker, “A”, will not let them be. The police get into the picture as detectives try to get additional data from the girls themselves. Will he be able to get vital evidence? Don't miss to watch Pretty Little Liars online.

As the girls think of ways to stop “A” from affecting them, they decided not to receive any form of communication from people they do not know. Will the problems for the girls become worse? Watch Pretty Little Liars online to know.

As “A” cooks up a plan to respond to the girls' shutting him off, a new teenager is in town and everybody wants to know him better. Will “A” be able to penetrate the girls' defenses? Will the new arrival bring more drama to the school and the community? Know these and more when you watch Pretty Little Liars online.

 “A” eventually finds a way to send a message to the girls, while they were considering their dates for the homecoming. Can the homecoming night end up in an awkward situation? Or will they have a good time? Will “A” reveal more messages at the party? Watch Pretty Little Liars online to keep abreast of the new developments.

As you follow the trail leading to the real identity of “A”, as the girls play cat and mouse with their stalker, do not fail to watch Pretty Little Liars online to enjoy the thrills of a good mystery while rediscovering the pathos of your youth.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Watch Supernatural Online and Get to Know the Greatest Supernatural Villains

Supernatural since its pilot episode has earned raves among thriller and horror fans because of their unique story lines and great special effect. With good-looking actors and actresses, and great acting, they have justified their acting even if you watch supernatural online. The main characters however would not be appreciated if they didn’t have great villains to battle. Let’s take a look at some of the villains in Supernatural TV series.

Supernatural Villains

Here are some of the Supernatural villains that have helped made the show a success.

1.       Yellow Eyed Demon – popular among fans who watch supernatural online. He was the main villain in Season 1 and 2 and is know by his distinctive yellow eyes. He was on spree in making babies so he’ll have an army of half-demons for the future. Generally known among who watch Supernatural online as Sam’s biological father.

2.       Lilith – one of the most feared villain in supernatural world. She likes to possess cute little girls. According to some who watch Supernatural online, in terms of cunningness, patience and wit, Lilith can go at par with the Yellow Eyed Demon. She can kill any human at will using telepathic powers.

3.       Ruby – one of the most hated villains among those who watch supernatural online. Although at first she looks like giving help to Sam, not all were sold-out by the idea of a demon teaching Sam how to kill a demon. Began as a minor character but became a major villain during the Lilith storyline.

4.       Zachariah – when most who watch supernatural online thought that all angels are good, then they are mistaken. Zachariah is a sure kick-ass angel that has no other plan than to save him. Yet Sam killed him anyway because of his treachery.

5.       Lucifer – if you watch supernatural online surely won’t miss the ultimate villain. He’s a little fat at first then finally became comfortable with his evil vessel. He is powerful than any of the other villains combined. He’s brutal, and won’t hesitate to kill you if you piss him off.

6.       Meg – not that powerful according to those who watch supernatural online, but possess an intelligence that is not that common among demons. She plans well and responsible for killing many hunters but got outwitted by the Winchester brothers who resulted to her untimely death.

7.       Alastair – one of the hardest demons to kill but if you watch supernatural online, you’ll know that he was not what he was. He’s even worse. He is not afraid to sacrifice other demons so he’ll be saved. He’s one of the most feared because he does everything just to get his plan including to make all who watch Supernatural online become monsters themselves.

There are still many villains in the supernatural show that are worth mentioning in this list. They are most capable and also possess their own skill and powers. Catch them on television or you can watch Supernatural online and the show surely won’t run out of the best villains in the supernatural universe.

Why Watch Jersey Shore Online ?

Watch Jersey Shore online so you can experience the eight housemates' hedonistic lives as they go back for a second summer where they spend their days at the beach or at work and party all night without let up. These hot roommates spend the whole summer partying hard, fighting hard, and loving hard, with some practical jokes on the side.

Follow the lives of Deena Nicole Cortese, Jenni “Jwoww” Farley , Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, and Vinny Guadagnino as they enjoy the pleasures and action that Jersey Shore has to offer. Watch Jersey Shore online to somehow share in this pleasure.

Feel the tension as the roommates heat up the screen with their quarrels, pranks, “conquests,” and misconduct both inside the apartment as well as outside. Spend the night with a roommate as she gets locked up in jail for a disorderly conduct at the beach. See how Ronnie and Sammi handle their tumultuous relationship that almost leads to physical violence. You can only experience this if you watch Jersey Shore online.

Empathize with Nicole as she attempts to adjust to her roommates' quirky habits and fit in with them. How she unwittingly undressed in front of a roommate and how he handled it. Will it be a hard transition full of emotion? Better watch Jersey Shore online to know.

Watch how Snooki deals with an ex who stalks her in Seaside Heights. Feel the aftermath of an indiscreet act as Jwoww breaks up with her boyfriend upon being discovered to be kissing another man. And witness how she works really hard to win over her new man with her leather and chain outfit. Watch Jersey shore online to know how they pulled it off.

Laugh at the strange rooming dilemma when they get back from Miami Beach as Ronnie and Sammi and “the Situation” end up rooming together and see how it pans out for the Situation as he tries to make the most of it. Watch Jersey shore online to keep up with “the Situation.”

As Sammi's schemes to get Ronnie back get sidetracked and backfires, see how she gets out of the mess she put herself in. Or can she? Know how her secret text messages to another man end up in Mike's possession. And see the reactions of the other roommates to her dilemma and how they confronted her. You have to watch Jersey Shore online so you don't miss out what happened.

As Snooki goes after Vinny, tears continue to fall as Vinny takes home girls he picks up and he refuses Snooki's overtures. But what if Vinny now wants her in turn? Will Snooki take revenge? How will Vinny take it? You must watch Jersey Shore online to witness that.

See how a practical joke can go overboard as Deena and Snooki get in a runaway taxi and find themselves in Times Square. If you watch Jersey Shore online you can share in the fun as Vinny becomes a victim of a practical joke and mistakes the girl he picked up as smelling of cheese.

Watch Jersey Shore online to party with these hot bodies and nubile women all pining for your Jersey Shore roommates.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Top Questions that Should Make You Watch “How I Met Your Mother” Online

The phenomenal “How I Met Your Mother” sitcom definitely drew out a new view to regular sitcoms that get aired every now and then. It takes so much more than pure creativity and fun to come up with such a show as this and this is what makes it very engrossing to watch very single episode of the show whether it be on your TV or if you choose to watch How I Met Your Mother online.

The plot of the show is definitely not an ordinary one. Aside from the fun and the humor each of the characters bring you, there is always something more to the show that makes it addictive. And that is the fact that the sitcom takes you into the search to discover who the “mother” is. So discover who he mother and watch How I Met Your Mother online.

Aside of course from the fun theory formation and mother-search, the characters portrayed in the sitcom gives you more reason to watch How I Met Your Mother online or to catch up with each episode on your TV.
To name the consistent chuckle-igniting few that completes your list of reasons to watch How I met Your Mother online for, here is a list of the HIMYM cast:

Ted. The sitcom’s main character as portrayed by Josh Rador. The sitcom then started with him and his kids on a couch telling his kids the story of how he met their mother. As he began to tell his story, this is where the sitcoms starts engrossing its viewers to watch more. And this is exactly where the rationale of making it a point to watch How I Met Your Mother online starts to take its shape.   

Barney. The serial womanizer Barney Stinson is among the reasons why you should catch up on the episodes and try to watch How I Met Your Mother online. While his best friend Ted, is all after having his own happy family, Barney is up with his schemes to get to women and forget about them when he is done.

Robin. The reporter Robin Scherbatsky may have you thinking that she is the kids’ mother and that thrill that made you watch How I Met Your Mother online is all over. Apparently, she is not. Aunt Robin actually dated Barney on the 5th season, which appalled Ted back then. There is so much more to know about Robin than being in between best friends Ted and Barney that you should watch How I Met Your Mother online.

Marshall and Lily. This fun couple has got their own story to tell to and that adds up to your reason to watch How I Met Your Mother online. They have got their own struggles and humors in between too.  They maybe sweethearts but of course, petty quarrels add up to the whole story package. 

These main people mean more than building your HIMYM mother-finding theory. They will take you to a wild comedy that will surely make you watch How I Met Your Mother online

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Watch Family Guy Online and Get to Know The Family

If you are after a good laugh then give yourself a little favor and watch Family Guy online. This hilarious cartoon series, though it is not the actually a cartoon for kids has got a lot to offer than a laugh that will blow your worries away.

Watch Family Guy online and get to meet the Griffins. Surely, you will know why it is a must to watch Family Guy online.

·         Peter Griffin. Peter is the obnoxious, obese, irresponsible husband/dad of the family. Basically one who get to be the reason why one gets to crack up in the show. His obvious dim-wittedness makes him Brian’s constant target at ill-words. Watch Family Guy online to see if this husband/father will ever change his ways, at least for once.

·         Brian Griffin. Watch Family Guy online to know how Brian, the family’s intelligent dog actually thinks better than anybody else in the family. Basically, as compared to the husband/dad, he comes off with better sounding ideas and come backs to just about anything anybody else says or even thinks.

·         Lois Griffin. The fun wife/mom of the family. She spends her days tending to her kids, especially to Stewie, the family’s fatal villain for a baby; and his siblings Meg and Chris. While Each of the kids have their own special needs that Lois tries to meet, her husband Peter burdens her with more. See how she get to pull through each day and maybe you will find yourself lucky as compared to her, simply by making sure that you get to watch Family Guy online.

·         Meg Griffin. Meg is the only daughter and the eldest kid among the Griffins. Aside from her unfounded self-consciousness that is not all shown through her looks just when it should, she has got really mean issues with her dad and with other people around. See if she will ever get her chance regarding her social life. There is no better way to find out than to watch Family Guy online.

·         Chris Griffin. So much like his dad, Chris is obese, unsightly, and in his own right, mentality disturbed. Watch Family Guy Online and learn about he pulls through his pranks and schemes.

·         Stewie Griffin. Probably the most controversial character in the series. When creator Seth MarFarlane was asked regarding Stewie’s sexuality, he made a somewhat statement that made the press and the public think Stewie is caught somewhere between the middle and his search for identity is yet to commence. To see if you are thinking right about the issue, watch Family Guy online to see if your thoughts about Stewie are right or if it is absolutely right.

The whole Quahog, Rhode Island neighborhood has got people and characters who add up to the story of the family. Peter has got his own bunch of friends who surely adds up to the humor you definitely would want to watch Family Guy online for.

So, better make it a date and surely, it will be a vice over neither a hobby nor a past time for you to watch Family Guy online.